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Galaxy S4 Mini and HTC One coming in pink and blue

If binary heteronormativity is kinda your thang, check out the HTC One in blue and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini in pink.

If binary heteronormativity and perpetuating stereotyping is kinda your thang, you can tie your identity to the HTC One in blue and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini in pink.

If on the other hand you just like certain colours regardless of any societally-assigned notion of gender, you can buy either phone in any colour you darn well please, and more power to you.

The blue HTC One is exclusive to Carphone Warehouse and is available to order today, for delivery at the start of November. The first 1,000 people to place an order get a free blue case to match it.

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The S4 Mini has been revealed by ever-reliable tipster Evleaks in a variety of new colours: a fetching hot pink, a classy black and a frosty white. They're destined for US networks at the moment, but if we're all good little girls we could still see the Barbied blower cross the pond.

Anything to give the sawn-off version of the Galaxy S4 a boost. Phone fans haven't fallen for the wizard wheeze of using the S4 or the One's good names to scam customers into buying an inferior phone, opting instead for the iPhone when buying a 4-inch phone, despite the massive price difference.

What's your favourite colour for a phone? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, or challenge the patriarchal hegemony on our Facebook page.