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Galaxy S4 goes gold; Kindles get new spark

Samsung teases two gold-colored Galaxy S4 phones and hints at a smartphone with a curved screen, while Amazon unveils new Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

CNET Update has the golden touch:

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This episode of Update goes glam with new gold-colored Samasung Galaxy S4 phones, in both pink and brown accent colors. The unexpected reveal was posted on Samsung's Middle East Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Now that the gold iPhone 5S is a popular color, expect to see more devices come in shades of champagne. HTC could be next, since there were leaked images posted of gold-colored HTC One parts. But if you want the real stuff, has phones covered in 24-karat gold.

So what's the next trend after gold? Seems to be curved screens. Samsung is reportedly launching a smartphone with curved glass in October. The company teased flexible screens back in January.

And it wouldn't be the first product from Samsung with a curved HD screen. Curved OLED televisions are being sold now by Samsung and LG for about $9,000.

But perhaps the more practical tech today comes from Amazon with a new line of Kindle Fire tablets. The third generation models have a new design, and the top-of-the-line Kindle Fire HDX comes in two screen sizes, 7 and 8.9 inches. Both have higher resolution displays and faster processors, but only the HDX 8.9 has a back camera. The rest only have front-facing cameras. The new Kindle Fires also come with new features, like "Mayday," which is 24/7 live tech support at the touch of a button.


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