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Galaxy S4 Active on sale now in UK, for £495 SIM-free

Carphone Warehouse and Unlocked-Mobiles are flogging the rugged version of the S4, though it'll set you back a hefty chunk of change.

Samsung's rugged version of the Galaxy S4 has gone on sale in the UK -- though you'll need almost five hundred quid to acquire the waterproof mobile SIM-free.

The Galaxy S4 Active is on sale now at Carphone Warehouse for 5p shy of £530, while online retailer Unlocked-mobiles beats that price with a slightly cheaper £495.

Several other Internet-based gadget shops have listed the S4 Active as delayed until next week, so if you're thinking of a purchase, it might be worth holding off a few days and checking around to see if any new deals have sprung up. Amazon says it won't have the phone until 1 August, but is asking for a shocking £676 to pre-order now.

Carphone Warehouse is also selling the S4 Active on contract, though it seems Vodafone is the only major network currently interested in offering the punishment-proof mobile.

The S4 Active is actually a bit cheaper than that of the regular S4, which costs a whopping £560 SIM-free from Carphone Warehouse. That could be down to the altered design, which may cost less to build, or the slightly less powerful 8-megapixel camera -- down from 13 megapixels in the normal S4.

That said, the S4 Active is impressively similar to its namesake in other respects, packing a 5-inch 1080p screen and a 1.9GHz quad-core processor. While you won't be able to take photos that pack quite so many pixels, you can take underwater snaps using a new 'Aqua Mode' setting.

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