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Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich update to hit Orange in April

Is your Samsung Galaxy S2 locked to Orange's network? Then you'll have to wait until April for them to push out Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung Galaxy S2 owners on the Orange network will have to wait until next month to get the Android update to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), the network has said.

A spokeswoman for Orange confirmed the update will be pushed out in April but was unable to be more specific. So if you use the Orange network, your ICS update could be a week and a half away -- or well over a month.

Samsung began pushing out ICS to S2 owners in the UK who bought their device SIM-free at the start of this week. However, the update hasn't reached all users yet because Samsung is rolling it out in stages -- hence the word began in that phrase.

Three is the first network to push out ICS to S2 owners. It said it was issuing the update on Tuesday, although some CNET readers were reporting that they still hadn't got it today.

O2 has said it expects to push out ICS "at the end of March" -- which is also basically an April arrival date.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile and Vodafone haven't specified when its users should expect the ICS stork to deliver some sugary goodness to their S2. T-Mobile did issue a statement though, saying, "we're working to make our build available as close to Samsung's release date as possible". Not hard enough T-Mo, not hard enough.

Are you as sick as a parrot waiting to get your ICS sugar fix? Are you about to go postal and WRITE IN CAPS ALL OVER THE INTERNET? Get it all off your chest in the comments below or indulge in group therapy over on our Facebook page.

And if you're wondering what ICS will bring to your S2, then check out our video comparing a battered old black S2 running Gingerbread, and a fancy new white S2 slathered with ICS.

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