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Galaxy Note ad called most effective commercial in Q1

The device earned a score of 686 in the Ace Metrix survey, beating out a Doritos and M&M's ad for the top spot last quarter.

Samsung's Galaxy Note.
Samsung's Galaxy Note. Samsung

Samsung's Galaxy Note promotion is going quite well, at least as far as its advertising is concerned.

A commercial for the device, called "The Best of a Phone and Tablet," was rated the most-effective ad during the first quarter of 2012. The commercial beat out Doritos's "Sling Baby" ad and the M&M's "Just My Shell" to take the top spot.

Ad effectiveness is a subjective measure. In order to give some clarity to the rankings, Ace Metrix asks for viewer reactions to commercials running on U.S. television. The respondents are asked to measure persuasion, relevance, watchability, and several other ad characteristics. Ace Metrix then ranks ads on a 0-950 scale.

Samsung's commercial scored 686. The Doritos and M&M's ads tied for a score of 671.

"It will be very interesting to watch how Samsung's continually impressive ads affect the company's marketshare vis-a-vis competitors like Apple, which, this quarter, did not come close to measuring up to Samsung's advertising prowess," Ace Metrix CEO Peter Daboll said in a statement. "Samsung's top-ranked ad was particularly brilliant because it conveyed innovation and information without a narrator."

As for the Galaxy Note itself -- well, Samsung claims it's sold 5 million units. (Not shipped, by the way. Sold. For what it's worth.)

Here's one of Samsung's Galaxy Note ads from last quarter: