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Josh Miller/CNET

The best Galaxy Note 8 color finally comes to the US

You'll be able to buy it from and Best Buy.

From the moment I first saw the four colors of the Galaxy Note 8 lined up, the choice was obvious. "We want the blue one," I told the video producer as we set up the shot for our hands-on video with the then-new device.

Deepsea blue was the most compelling and lustrous of the four shades, which include maple gold (also pretty), the subtle orchid grey and your standard-but-boring midnight black.

But US buyers only got the last two, until now. Starting Nov. 16, you'll be able to snatch up the blue Note 8 from Best Buy (in-store and online) and

Best Buy options:

  • Note 8 for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon 
  • Unlocked Note 8 option:

  • Unlocked Note 8

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