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Galaxy Note 3: UK to get both octa and quad-core, leak says

The 4G variant will have a quad-core processor, while the regular 3G option will have Samsung's octa-core chip, the leak suggests.

The UK will be getting its mitts on two versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, each with its own processor, freshly leaked information suggests.

The next version of the Note will come in both 3G and 4G-capable versions, both of which are heading to the United Kingdom, SamMobile reports, citing information courtesy of 'insiders'.

A version of the Note 3 with Samsung's own-brand eight-core Exynos 5420 processor is apparently headed to Carphone Warehouse and perhaps other UK retailers too, the list suggests.

Meanwhile the Note 3 LTE, which is tipped to be powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, is reportedly also heading to the UK, and what looks like O2, Vodafone and 'H3G', which likely stands for 'Hutchinson 3G', the organisation that Three belongs to.

When the Galaxy S4 was announced we were very excited at the prospect of an octa-core processor and finding out what it could do, and equally dismayed when we learned that the UK would only be getting the quad-core version.

With O2 and Vodafone recently revealing their 4G plans, it's not surprising that the UK will be getting two variants of the Galaxy Note 3. There's unlikely to be a great deal of difference in performance between the two different models, but it's heartening to think that British shoppers might have the option of choosing which version they want to snap up.

The Note 3 is nigh-on certain to be revealed on 4 September at a bash in Berlin. CNET will be on hand to pump all the latest news directly into your brain so stay tuned, and let me know what you're hoping to see in the comments or on our Facebook wall.