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Galaxy Note 3 out in September, report tips, to fight iPhone

The tip also reckons we'll see Samsung's smart watch hitting shop shelves in October.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 could be on sale mere weeks after its official unveiling, if a new report concerning Samsung's sales plans is to be believed.

The third in the South Korean company's line of palm-ruining gigantophones is all-but-certain to be revealed on 4 September, and will go on sale that very month, SamMobile reports.

The long-rumoured Samsung smart watch -- tipped to be called 'Gear' -- will follow in October, the site claims, though apparently a delay of a week or two could occur, depending on where in the world you live.

Tactical deployment

Building a smart phone is one thing, but getting it onto shop shelves shortly after its official debut is another thing altogether. Traditionally Apple has been very slick when it comes to release dates, sometimes putting devices on sale the day after their unveiling -- and it's the fruit-flavoured firm Samsung will be targeting if it manages a September launch for the Note 3.

Apple is tipped to show off a new iPhone on 10 September, where Tim Cook and pals could detail a golden iPhone 5S, as well as the long-rumoured plastic iPhone 5C.

Last year Apple's iPhone 5 was shown off on 12 September, before going on sale on the 21st. If Samsung can get the Note 3 on sale at around the same time, it could steal Apple's thunder -- and more importantly, potential customers.

Samsung put the Note 2 on sale on the very last day of September last year. In an industry where savvy timing can make or break a new gadget, it could be aiming to get its third Note smart phone on sale roughly a week before that point.

The Note 3 is tipped to come in both 3G and 4G versions, offering both quad and octa-core variants to fans of super-sized screens. Are you excited? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.