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Galaxy Note 3 might arrive in September, report claims

Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 might be showing its face in September, if an anonymous report is to be believed.

Time to don your favourite sceptic's hat and grab a big pinch of salt -- Samsung's next palm-stretching phone-cum-tablet, the Galaxy Note 3, is apparently set for a September launch.

That's if an anonymous insider speaking to SamMobile is to be believed. The cheeky tipster explained that the Note 3, along with the Galaxy Tab 3, is due to be shown off at this year's IFA technology show, taking place in Berlin in September.

At this point, it's important to bear in mind that Samsung has given no confirmation about the launch date, or even if there will be a Note 3. It does, however, fit in with the Note's usual release date towards the latter half of the year -- the Note 2 landed with a resounding thud at the end of August -- so it wouldn't be surprising to see a new version turning up at IFA.

The anonymous source, who may or may not have been wearing a trench coat and dark glasses, wasn't able to say anything about the potential specs of either new device. Previous rumours for the Note 3 have hinted at a 6.3-inch or possibly 5.9-inch OLED screen. An eight-core chip is rumoured to be lurking within, which isn't surprising, given the same chip will grace certain versions of the Galaxy S4.

But it's probable that, as with the S4, that eight-core processor won't be available everywhere. Us plucky Brits might have to make do with a quad-core processor instead. As one of the Note range, expect to see a stylus shoved in its bottom, along with a vast amount of S Note software to make the most of it.

Whether Samsung throws open the curtains on the Note at IFA or gives it its own Unpacked event remains to be seen. We'll be at IFA, cameras in hand anyway, so if it does make an appearance you can bet we'll be all over it like an expertly cling-filmed sandwich.

In the meantime, drop your hopes and fears for the Note 3 and Tab 3 in the comments below or over on our Facebook page. And if you're looking for something new to try on your Note or Note 2, check out our list of the top 10 S Pen stylus apps.