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Galaxy Note 3 looks curvy and enormous in leaked pic

A new leaked pic claiming to be of the Galaxy Note 3 has popped up, showing Samsung's next superphone with an impressively thin bezel.

A new leaked pic claiming to be of the Galaxy Note 3 has popped up, showing Samsung's next stylus-centric superphone with an even bigger screen and an impressively thin bezel.

The photo comes from an industry insider going by the handle 'PunkPanda', who was responsible for accurate leaks of the Galaxy S4 Mini, which was officially launched last night here in London.

The leaker plasters '@PunkPanda' over their pics, but that seems to refer to Chinese social site Weibo rather than Twitter (where @PunkPanda is protected), which other prominent gossips such as @evleaks use.

The photo first appeared on the tech blog G4Games, which reckons the screen is 6 inches across and accounts for a whopping 84 per cent of the front of the phone -- because the bezel is so flippin' thin. That measures up with previous rumours.

A few weeks ago well-connected Samsung gossips SamMobile published photos of what it claimed to be a prototype of the Note 3, but it's not the same phone -- the curved corners don't match. Perhaps the new photo is a more up to date version. SamMobile, too, reckons it'll have a 6-inch screen, with Full HD resolution and a mighty octa-core or Snapdragon 800 chip.

The Note 3 is due to be unveiled at the IFA tech show in Berlin, where its predecessors have appeared, which is held every September. With the launch so far away, and so much confusion around these leaks, it's sensible to treat them all as pretty dubious, but the Note 2 was one of our favourite phones last year so we're excited to see what Samsung has up its capacious sleeves for the next generation.

What would be your ideal spec for the Note 3? Sketch out some thoughts in the comments, or on our enormous Facebook page.

Image credit: G4Games, SamMobile