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Galaxy Nexus delay is 'mark of respect to Steve Jobs'

The launch of the new Android flagship phone, the Galaxy Nexus, has been postponed out of respect to Steve Jobs, Samsung has confirmed.

The launch of the Galaxy Nexus has been postponed as a mark of respect to Steve Jobs, who died last week, Samsung has confirmed. The Galaxy Nexus, also known as the Nexus Prime, was to have been unveiled this week with a new version of Android, called Ice Cream Sandwich.

"We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs' passing," a spokesman for Samsung told our sister site CNET News.

The Galaxy Nexus, which may use its Nexus Prime codename outside of the US, was scheduled to be unveiled at trade show CTIA tomorrow. Apple co-founder Jobs lost his battle with pancreatic cancer last week, just days after the company he started announced the new iPhone 4S. His funeral was held in private on Friday.

The Nexus Prime -- or Galaxy Nexus -- will be the flagship phone for Android, making it the iPhone's direct and toughest rival. It will be the first phone to show off Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest Android update from Google.

This week was shaping up to be a mobile phone face-off of epic proportions, with the iPhone 4S quickly followed by the launch of the Nexus Prime. Between those two big announcements, the new HTC Sensation XL filled out the undercard. But the news of Steve Jobs' death overshadowed all else and temporarily united the technology industry in admiration for the Apple founder.

It seems a strange move for Samsung to delay because of Jobs' death, especially as the Korean company is locked in legal battle with Apple over patent disputes. To make PR hay from talk of tribute at the same time as grinding out ugly legal combat could be seen as crass -- perhaps a temporary easing of the legal conflict would have been more respectful. As it's a joint announcement, however, this may have been Google's call.

Samsung wasted no time after the announcement of the iPhone 4S in trying to ban the new phone. Samsung claims Apple is infringing its patents, in response to Apple's claims that the design and packaging of Samsung Galaxy smart phones and tablets illegally mimic the iPhone and iPad.

Is this delay a fitting tribute to Steve Jobs or a hypocritical move from Apple's rivals? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.