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Galaxy Gear sales reportedly hit 800,000 in two months

Samsung has reportedly claimed its smart watch is selling like hot cakes, defying claims that the Gear was a flop.

The Galaxy Gear smart watch is looking popular, as Samsung has reportedly boasted of its wrist-occupying device hitting the 800,000 sales mark.

Reuters quotes the South Korean tech giant as saying the Gear is, "The most-sold wearable watch available in the marketplace."

The Gear would have hit the impressive sales figure in around two months, having gone on sale alongside the Galaxy Note 3 in late September. I've contacted Samsung to confirm the figures, and I'll update this story if I hear back.

Samsung may have spoken out about the Gear's success in a bid to counter claims that its smart watch has been a flop. A recent report in Business Korea claimed that sales were a meagre 50,000.

If true, Samsung's 800,000 sales certainly give hope for the company's smart watch, though the quirky gadget hasn't been well-received across the board.

In September a Samsung exec was quoted as saying that its first smart watch, "lacks something special", while our full review criticised the Gear's high price and lack of features.

Meanwhile, a leaked report from late October suggested that one US retailer had seen a third of all Galaxy Gears sold returned to shops.

Are you tempted by the Galaxy Gear, or are you perfectly happy with just a smart phone? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.