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Galaxy Gear and Note 3 pre-orders at Verizon start Friday

Big Red will allow early adopters to get in digital line for its new phablet and the first big name smartwatch to hit the market, but will they be bundled together for a special deal?

You can put your name down for the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear on Big Red starting Friday. Verizon Wireless

Samsung's new Galaxy Note 3 and the just-revealed Galaxy Gear smartwatch are coming to America's biggest wireless carrier, and Verizon says you can declare your intentions for both as early as Friday.

"Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with the Samsung Galaxy Gear on Friday, September 6th at 9AM EST," read Verizon's landing page for the Note 3 after the massive, stylus-toting phone was revealed Wednesday at IFA in Berlin and simultaneously at an event in New York.

The Galaxy Note 2 was also announced at IFA last year and is available on all major US carriers right out of the gate. The Note 3 manages to be bigger and beefier as far as specs go but also lighter and slimmer and with some new software bells and whistles.

With a retail price of $299, the Galaxy Gear looks to be one pricey accessory -- reminds me of the moment when high-end headphones began to cost more than the tiny MP3 players they connected to.

It will be interesting to see if Verizon or other carriers might reduce the price through some creative bundling. Perhaps we'll see the debut of the industry's first standard 3-year contract? Heavens, let's hope not.

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