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Galaxy Fold is back in front as the Samsung foldable phone's real name

The latest intelligence says "Galaxy X" does not mark the spot.

Screenshot by Chris Pavey/CNET

It looks like "Galaxy Fold" has gone to the head of the line as the name for Samsung's forthcoming foldable phone, which passes the previous contender, Galaxy X.

That's according to a cryptic tweet by reliable leaker Evan Blass:

What's in a name? That which we call a Galaxy Fold by any other word would bend as sweet. Though if Samsung had called it the Galaxy F that would have been terrible.

As Blass points out, it's been over two years since the rumors about Samsung's folding flagship started to surface, which actually isn't that long for a complex new technology to turn into a real product. 

We'll probably know for certain tomorrow, when Samsung's slated to deliver more details about it during its Galaxy S10 announcement at its Unpacked event. And, of course, it won't be alone at Mobile World Congress next week, with at least two confirmed competitors and a handful more rumored. And it's possible that it may not be as sweet as it sounds -- it needs to overcome some typical first-generation hurdles.

Samsung declined to comment.

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