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Gadgettes 84: The Li'l Critters Episode

Molly must say "nubbins" at some point, because this episode is pretty much dedicated to the cute li'l critters of the world.

Molly must say "nubbins" at some point, because this episode is pretty much dedicated to the cute li'l critters of the world.
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The Duck Show

Meet Tengu the Next American Idol

Pool-cleaning robot powered by the sun

USB Home Pregnancy Test Kit

KickTrak pregnancy monitor

Itch Cat Scratch Pad

Stop Motion Paper Mario

Glow-in-the-dark swing

“Trunk cam” captures nature closer than ever before

A propos (of) nothing
LED running shoes light the way for safe exercise

Velocity Mobile breaks into the smartphone biz

What the Hell:
MTV takes its designs beyond the telly

Microsoft takes tips from Shiny Shiny and paints Vista pink

A Jack This Thingie announcement!


Hi Molly, Kelly, and Jason -
Remember that wifi donation alarm clock
(the one that donates money to your least favorite organizations in an attempt to get you out of
bed) that you guys mentioned back in December on episode 71 and mentioned in passing on a recent episode. It was an April fools joke from this year as well as last year. Sad but apparently true.

Also, Kelly - I think I remember hearing you talk about how you knit. Do you know about Ravelry ? Yes it is another social networking site but it also also allows you to search for patterns based on a number of different criteria (and see how other people’s projects turned out), search for yarn, buy some (good) patterns online and download them via PDF, ask and receive help for a number of fiber related issues, etc etc.
Also it currently has over 100,000 members and has been public (though not out of beta) for just under a year. Oh and - I see your monster felted bag and raise you hand spun yarn with eyeballs ! And things you could make with said yarn

Love the show and have been listening since the begining, Adam (aka Knitguy)


Hi Gadgettes!

Thanks for making my commute to work bearable.

I do believe that the covers that go over the golf clubs are called “Golf Club Cozies”. And if they’re not, then they should be because that’s what I call them. (btw, I don’t play golf, I think it’s a stupid game, if you can call it that) :-P Myra


Hello Molly, Kelly, and Jason,

So somehow my husband and I got into a conversation about playing golf, neither of us play golf except for an occasional round of the mini variety.
Anyways, I mention to him the Stars Wars Golf Bag that was discussed in the Episode 83 under the “Tool Time” category. His reply? “The only way I would want that is if the golf clubs inside of it made lightsaber sounds.” He then went onto explain that when just holding the golf club it would make the “wooom-wooom” humming sound, when swinging it would make the “woosh-woosh”
sound, and when you hit the golf ball it would make the “keesh” striking sound. Those are the best spellings I could come up with to describe the sounds a lightsaber makes, to be fair I Googled “spellings of lightsaber sounds” and came up empty handed. I found this all very amusing so I though I would share it with you. For the record my husband is not a tool (I know a tool when I see one), just a geek that I adore. Anyways, I love the show and look forward to it each and every week!