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Gadgettes 72: The What to Get a Pregnant 16-year-old Nickelodeon Starlet for Christmas Episode

We couldn't avoid looking at the tabloids, and had to ask ourselves what we would buy the soon-to-be mom for Christmas. Hot button issue, for sure.

We couldn't avoid looking at the tabloids, and had to ask ourselves what we would buy the soon-to-be mom for Christmas. Hot button issue, for sure.

Have a happy holiday, and we will see you again in 2008!
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How to bathe your baby stylishly--and shock your in-laws (or whoever):
How to make sure britney's music always lights up your cell phone:
...and make sure you're fashionable when you're talking on it:
...while navigating through traffic with a screaming baby in the backseat:
How to kill time during those long first months:
Where to buy some good taste (for your baby, at least):
PRETTTYYY!: Glass speakers

What the hell?: Weird arty toasters

Hot Asian Gadget: Tenori-On Music Sequencer

Anonymous musician
The in-car sandwich maker is useful for touring musicians

Anonymous 19-year-old
Drake bell is not hot! They had to google him.

Sean Connery
It's a scottish accent, stupid!

Pink tools
I'm just getting your past podcasts, getting caught up, heard your pink comment about "didn't know who would want pink tools". Forgive me if this is a really "old" podcast. I love pink tools! I work with guys for a large company and we each have our own toolbox that we roll from hanger to hanger ( yes, I work on aircraft). Occasionally, we will "borrow" each others tools if they are closer at hand than our own toolbox, and sometimes, they forget to return them. well, if they are pink, they either won't borrow them (is it a "man" thing not wanting to work with "pink" stuff?) or they KNOW where they borrowed it from...and don't dare want to keep it in their toolbox!!! Also, my dh (dear hubby) KNOWS to return my "pink kitchen tools" to my kitchen drawers when he finishes using them....or else he makes the trip into the garage to get his own! (yes, we have "his" and "her" tools).

Love the podcast...i listen on my iPod while at work!


Gramma vs Target lady
Hi! I was just wondering if Molly's grandma and the Target (Turrrrget) lady from Saturday Night Live are one in the same person? (It's a match!)

Ohb also... Phooey, btw.... roflmao almost fell off my chair...

You guys are a riot!

Dr. Karl

Manimal TV show and Kelly's hot ending
Hi, Gadgettes is an excellent show. You three deserve a large Christmas bonus.

On the way home from work, a local radio show was going over the top 25 worst tv shows as listed in the NY Times.

On one of your podcast, the Manimal tv show was mentioned by Molly, and made the times list.

As I can't speak to Manimal, having never seen it, I just can't figure out how in the hell "The View" didn't make the list. :)

And yes Kelly and Molly you two are hot! Smoking hot.

If I have to be politically correct, Jason you are hot too.
Just not
Smoking hot.

Great show.

Rob in Washington

Skeet shooting correction
Guys, seriously... if you're going to try to make fun of gun owners, at least get the terminology right.

There's no such thing as a skeet shooting rifle. A bullet shot from a rifle can travel for miles. If you shot a rifle in the air at skeet, your bullets could end up landing in someone's house miles away. Generally that's not a good idea.

When you shoot skeet you use a shotgun.

"Some of the most common uses of shotguns are the sports of skeet, trap, and sporting clays. These involve shooting clay disks, also known as clay pigeons, thrown in various ways. Both skeet and trap competitions are featured at the Olympic Games."