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Gadgettes 145: The unreality episode

We take a walk on the virtual side in today's Gadgettes. Virtual reality museums, robotic kittens, and fusion in your pocket!

We take a walk on the virtual side in today's Gadgettes. Virtual reality museums, robotic kittens, and fusion in your pocket!

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Household gadgets we’d like to see

Canon launches virtual-reality dinosaur exhibit in Japan

Robo-Kitty: Sega Toys unveils the Dream Cat Venus

Handheld fusion reactor on the way?

“Design your own clock” clock

A propos (of) nothing
Vroom: Surf the Web with a Ford GT

It's About Time
Eris Planetary Sphere watch goes anywhere but the wrist

Pink Watch
Juicy Couture goes geeky

Tool Time
Ript Fusion body-shaping undershirt (thanks, Sam!)

Reverse Gender Gap
Ostrich three in one chair for sunbathing bookworms

Russel Hobbs RHG2TSW crystal encrusted bling toaster (thanks, Colleen!)

Kill Me
Fantasy coach bed for the budding superiority complex

Subject: How to feel your meat

Ok, now that I've gotten a chance to use that most awesome of double
or tripled entendred phrases, I thought I’d help answer your age old
question of how to test the temps on you meat without a thermometer.
I know this because before I was a video geek, I was a foodie and a
cook throughout my college days (actually worked briefly as a sous

Here is how they secretly train all those chefs. Working the line,
you do use a thermometer, but as you do check temps, you are pressing
slightly on them and then comparing that to your inner forearm (I
know, you are thinking “What now??”). Overtime, you find a range a
places from your wrist (well done) to the crook of your elbow (rare)
that match up. As a youngster in the kitchen, i use to mark out spots
on my arm with a sharpie to cheat. Eventually you don't need the
thermometer as much and after even longer, you rarely even have to
check against your arm gauge.

Oh and thanks for answering my road trip question!! I do want a
kindle for myself, totally. And I'm sporting Shure (not sure the
model, they were about $120) with the added mic cable.

anyway, thanks again and take care,

andy beach
video geek

Oh please. What can be more of a sign of First World Malaise then...manscaping. I would just like to mention a short lived trend in the UK in that department. Men would take a trip to the waxing salon and get the cringe inducing…
Back, Sack and Crack job.

No joke. Google it.

I’m scared for life from the one time I read about it. I needed to share my pain with all of you. Love the show.

Evan, the friendly SysAdmin in Israel.

P.S. I’m really sorry about this email.

Hi Gadgettes! I just wanted to write in and thank Molly for tangentializing on sunflower seeds last week. I can't believe I've never heard of this before, but it is a stroke of sheer genius! I've always had trouble staying awake on long rides, and now you have cured me!
In the past, I'd constantly have to stop to get coffee, and then stop again to get rid of said coffee every 30 minutes (which adds time and expense to the trip, and also necessitates the use of gross super-sketchy rest-stop bathrooms), but no more! In fact, as I was listening to last week's episode during a 3 hour drive to the Cape, I totally pulled off at the very next rest stop and got myself a little sack of Sand Man Kryptonite, STAT! Annnnnd... WIN! I made it all the way to my destination without having to stop again.
Thanks so much!
-Dr. Karl