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Gadgettes 132: The sweaty palms episode

This episode is all about your hands. So put you clammy, pudgy, baby-like ham hands together for these handy gadgets.

This episode is all about your hands. So, put your clammy, pudgy, baby-like ham hands together for these handy gadgets.

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Sweat is killing iPhones

Mouse doubles as hand dryer, triples as seizure inducer

The new TV remote: Your bare hand?

DIY Microsoft Surface clone you can make on the cheap

Vibrating touch screen enables Braille reading

Keybag by Joao Sabino Studio

Apropos (of) nothing
Toto Neorest toilets, now even more high-tech, self-cleaning

Bling RX (thanks, Fernando!)
Chevrolet’s Captiva gets the Swarovski treatment. For some reason.

What the hell? (Gender gap edition)
CJ7: The ever-so randomly shaped MP3 player

Kill Me
Le Whif: Don’t eat your chocolate, inhale it

Sony’s crocodile skin Vaio has teeth

I'm already tempted to 'love tap' ppl in 'smartcars', but me thinks seeing one of these in the wild would push me over the edge...

(From us! --J)
-dr. karl

Ok, grilled Peeps. I’ve never tried this on a gas grill but it works
very well on a charcoal grill.
After you finish cooking on the grill let the coals cool to a low heat.
Throw the Peeps on the grill for a few minutes on each side. You should
get a sweet smell of caramelized sugar. Pull them off and enjoy. I’ve
been doing this for years and everyone thinks I am crazy. But I love
them. You will too.


Dana in Des Moines

Hi guys,

I just caught up with the latest episode of Gadgettes (#131) and was happy to hear so much Peeps love. And if you enjoy Peep wars, I have a site I think you’ll appreciate—

As a scientist myself, I had to admire the dedication of the scientists who performed these detailed studies, and their ability to not eat their test subjects before the experiments began. If you check out nothing else on the site, be sure to read the section containing some very frightening studies on the effects of smoking and alcohol on peeps’ health. It should serve as a cautionary tale for young peeps everywhere.

Love the show,

After listening to gender gap from Friday April 3rd I sent it on to my sister (she has two boys who would love it in their bathroom) and see sent me a picture of what she had already done. Enjoy.

Here is a picture!!!!

THANK YOU for the idea!!! I seriously just put a TARGET in my kid's toilet!!!! Chelle”