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Gadgettes 128: The Husky Episode

Molly and Kelly bring you "The Husky Episode." WARNING: You will gain 10 pounds by listening to this podcast.

Molly and Kelly bring you "The Husky Episode." WARNING: You will gain 10 pounds by listening to this podcast.

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Episode 128

Fat-fighting body mod approved for Europe

Gruve measures movement, vibrates until you get up off your duff

Dance, puppet, dance: Dance for your right to change the channel

NitroCream is the $35,000 ice cream maker of your dreams

Bacon-flavored bubbles (speaking of not eating)

Bacon-wrap for your iPhone (Thanks, Janie!)

It’ll Get You Drunk!: The McNuggitini *HORF*

Kill Me
Apple reveals new, super-tiny iPod Shuffle with huge design flaw

A propos (of) nothing
Twitter: The Literally Blog

Bling Rx
World’s most expensive CD costs $100,000 (Thanks, Dr. Karl!)

Pink Watch
Barbie Edition VW Beetle (Thanks, everyone!)

What a concept!
The Cargonaut: a package-delivering robot

Good Vibrations
Special Edition “Little Steel” vibrator to promote new Dave Stewart song (thanks, Alamode!)

Ask a Gadgette

I am a desperate husband looking for a worthy present for my wife's upcoming birthday. I’m thinking of getting her a new phone but am pressed to find a smartphone that looks girly enough (no hello kitty, please) and has at least some decent features. What would you girl gurus suggest? (If it’s encased in schwarovski crystals, that's a plus)

I know you girl gurus will help me in my hour of need.

Chris, Australia.


found this on gizmodo, so that probably means you’ve also seen it!
but just to be sure, here ya go.
- Nick


Molly’s credibility is gone!

Molly? Really??

You go off into a rant about earphones that have candy logos talking about how they should pay YOU for the advertising.

This from the woman who spent an EXTRA $200 for a Vivian Tam netbook? Really?? Really???

A Libertarian in Acworth, GA


Dear Molly,

I just heard about viv. Its unfortunate to hear, but the same thing happened to my 2 month old hp desktop. Conspiracy? Most likely. Hp caring about there customers? Most unlikely.
Just thought I’d share

Melbourne, Australia


Hey guys, I just HAD to comment on the whole binary thing (after I got done fantasizing about a Kindle 2 with Don’t Panic printed on it with large, friendly letters). One interesting thing is that many central air units actually have multiple speeds that they can run their compressor at (for heating as well as cooling). Ours has two. So, our heater is actually trinary.

Also, Chrome thinks that “trinary” is actually a misspelling of “urinary”.