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Gadgettes 106: The Fashion Week episode

If you read the title of this weeks Gadgettes and have to ask yourself "what IS fashion week?" then you are obligated to listen.

If you read the title of this weeks Gadgettes and have to ask yourself "what is fashion week?" then you are obligated to listen.

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Tech-Chic--Vivienne Tam Runway NP Notebook
Sheala: Kill this notebook, or at least any this color. It burns the eyes!

The Stiletto is a laptop stand with style

In cell phone land, is purple the new red?

Spark Lamp a bright idea for energy watchers

Full review: Apple iPod Nano 4G

ConceptFascination hints at future of Mercedes E-Class

La Yin beautiful USB stick

Tool Time:
Eolos pipe brings smoking into the 21st century

What a concept!
Porsche Design creates Yacht of the Future for Royal Falcon Fleet

Happy birthday, Jason!
Schlage helps secure your home remotely


Gender Gap:
Hey folks,

I don’t remember you covering this, not sure if it’s not Gadgettes-worthy as it’s not a gadget, but still kind of cool with Halloween coming up. At least I think it’s cool, but I have a Y chromosome, so it may be one of those gender gap kind of things. Are you with me on this, Jason?

Anyway, link to the review on Boing Boing…


Todd the storage array guy….

Hey guys!
I was listening to Episode 104 and I laughed at how you guys mutilated the kinesio tape. Basically your muscles are fibers that behave like rubber strips that pull and stretch on each other. By attaching this tex tape (not sex tape like I heard) along the muscle fibers you can decrease the tension and thus decreasing pain so it won’t work like Advil or so. Also, in response to the person who wrote in saying “old people like dark meat” I REFUSE to be old (barely 22) and I love dark meat.

Love the show and hope Molly realizes I am stalking her on CNET podcasts/shows.

PS. IE 8 Beta sucks and makes writing this e-mail (Hotmail) almost impossible by making it lag while I type and other crap I don’t even know what’s going on.