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Gadget lifestyles: iPod dock is into leather

We hope this trend won't be overdone

CSE Solutions

Lately, it seems that more tech products are getting into leather (or some synthetic version thereof), even if they're not even available yet. The most recent example is the Audio Pro Porto seen on Chip Chick.

There are countless iPod docks and speakers on the market, of course, but this one tries to distinguish itself with a vertical design and casing that allows it to be more portable than other home systems. The leather (or leather-looking) exterior has a nicely stiched handle on top so you can make it into upright boombox as long as your triceps don't give out.

While we would never pass judgment on the lifestyles of individual gadgets, we do hope that the easy availability of leather doesn't result in its overuse. Everthing in moderation, as they say.