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Gadget keeps kids out of hot water

Never scald your hands again testing the bath


If you don't have small kids, skip this item because it'll probably seem like a waste of money. But if you do, you'll totally understand why it's a good idea. How many times have you or your rug rats ended up with scalded fingers after checking the bath faucet? Same here.

The "Digital Bath Spout Cover" is designed to keep you and your family out of the burn ward by automatically monitoring the water temperature as it rises. Even better, its digital display uses a simple color code ("red means too hot") that even parents can understand. As a side benefit, it can help avoid wasting water too.

But as much as we like this idea, we can't help but point out this typo in the product description: "Guards against scolding." Now that would be worth the $31 price alone.