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G2 launch details outed by LG executive

Verizon has been named as one of the carrier's expected to offer the flagship smartphone in September.

LG's next flagship, the G2, takes the stage on August 7. LG

The upcoming LG G2 will arrive in the United States as early as September, according to LG CFO David Jung.

Speaking to Korea's The Kyunghyang Shinmun (translate) recently, the executive spilled a few beans about the flagship smartphone. The device will reportedly launch in South Korea in August, followed by North America and Europe in September, and by additional markets in October.

In terms of U.S. carrier support, Jung noted that Verizon is in line to offer the G2. Engadget reminds us that recently leaked FCC details also suggest that AT&T and T-Mobile will offer the smartphone.

I would love to see all four major carriers stand behind the Optimus G2 the way they do HTC and Samsung's flagships. Not only would it put additional pressure on these two rivals, it would also enhance LG's image. Seeing as how the Moto X is rumored to have a wide release, LG would look out of place selling its biggest device in a limited capacity.

The way LG has been teasing the forthcoming G2, I suspect the phone-maker has big plans for the device.

CNET will be at the scheduled August 7 launch with all the nitty gritty details.