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G-Oil for a guilt-free oil change?

Connecticut-based Green Earth Technologies says more than 90 percent of its motor oil, made partially from animal fat, will biodegrade in just nine days. It's not ready for cars, though.

G-Oil from Green Earth Technologies offers a 'green' alternative for your lawn mower's needs. Green Earth Technologies

Green Earth Technologies claims that it's come up with a motor oil that is friendlier toward the environment.

G-oil is a more sustainable option than regular motor oil brands because it's made in part from beef slaughter byproducts, namely animal fat, according to the Stamford, Conn.-based company.

Green Earth Technologies also claims that its G-Oil exceeds the "Ultimate Biodegradability" standard (60 percent biodegraded within 28 days) of the international standards organization ASTM.

The company says more than 90 percent of used G-Oil will biodegrade in just nine days. That's a considerable claim. Used motor oil from one oil change dumped into the ground contaminates about 1 million gallons of fresh water, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, which has been encouraging the recycling of used motor oil for years.

Green Earth Technologies launched its product at about 2,000 stores in the United States at the end of January. Popular retailers such as Home Depot,, and Ace Hardware are among its carriers.

Don't get too excited.

While the company says it's awaiting approval for a car and truck motor oil, and has tested a race car-worthy version, as of right now, Green Earth Technologies only a 2-Cycle G-Oil and a 4-Cycle 10W-30 G-Oil.

That's good only for use in small-engine machines such as tractors, generators, pressure washers, and lawn motors.