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Fuze app blends Skype, WhatsApp, Flipboard, and mobile gaming with multitasking

Can Fuze bring together all these disparate tasks and functionality into a single app? It's available now, so you can try it for yourself.


BARCELONA, Spain -- You have no shortage of options when it comes to communicating with your friends, but please try to contain your excitement about another launching at this year's Mobile World Congress. The app is called Fuze and it is an interesting blend of Skype- or WhatsApp-style instant messaging -- complete with voice and video chat -- with a bunch of other content functionality.

You can, for example, curate a feed of content relevant to your interests a la Flipboard, and get that pushed directly to your app. And, thanks to the integrated multitasking functionality, you can browse your news while you're chatting with someone. You can even have multiple conversations going on simultaneously and drag content from one window to the next. There's a plan for bring premium content and games to to the app, something the company is encouraging by providing APIs for developers to do their thing.

The app is live now on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store, and parent company Acision hopes to use its numerous partnerships with wireless providers to see this pre-installed on smartphones in the very near future. Regardless of how you get it, it'll be free.


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