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Future of Facebook voting up for vote

Facebook opens voting on policy changes, SoundCloud refreshes online audio sharing, and Younity takes on Apple's iCloud.

Tuesday's CNET Update doubts the vote will be rocked:

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Facebook doesn't want policy changes to be put up for a vote anymore. But first, it's letting users have one last chance to make their voice heard on the matter. Facebook lets users vote on policy changes, but the votes only count if 30 percent of all active users participate. Problem is, there has never been enough voter turnout for it to matter. So Facebook now is proposing to end the voting option and also make changes to messages. Users can vote on the Facebook Site Governance app, run by a third-party. But it will only make a difference if 300 million users take the time to vote.

Tuesday's tech roundup also takes a look at the Elgato EyeTV. It's the latest gadget to stream live TV on a mobile device. For a one-time hardware cost of $100, EyeTV lets users tap into a couple of live TV channels on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. But before diving in, check out our full review.

SoundCloud brushed off its beta shell and added new social features. The audio-sharing site wants to be the YouTube of audio, allowing users to upload their own music, podcasts or personal recordings. SoundCloud apps for Android and iOS will be out Thursday.

If you're looking for a way to share files on an iPhone without using iCloud, there's a new app called Younity. It communicates with other devices -- both desktop and mobile -- to access files or stream music and videos.

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