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Futulele turns iOS devices into a ukulele

Don your Hawaiian shirt and warm up your fingers. Amidio has plans to turn your iPhone and iPad into a ukulele with a new app and accessory.

Photo by Video screenshot by Bonnie Cha/CNET

Ukuleles aren't instruments that are very expensive, or hard to come by, unlike pianos or synthesizers. However, that hasn't stopped app company Amidio from coming up with a creative way of assembling a digital version of the ukulele with an iPad, iPhone, and a case that holds the two devices.

Called the Futulele--we think its short for futuristic ukulele--this musical instrument uses the iPad for strumming while the iPhone serves as the fret board.

While it looks like the black bridge in the middle of those iOS devices connects them, the Futulele's creators say that the gadgets are connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. Amidio has also assured potential adopters that there will be minimal lag between the fingered chords and strumming.

Futulele will first be released as a universal iOS app sometime in April and is said to be one of the first music apps "optimized for the iPad 3." In the meantime, the company is also looking for manufacturers for a case with a built-in speaker, which would hold the devices together.

(Source: Crave Asia via Engadget)