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Fusion Garage is no more, Grid10 cancelled

The company behind the JooJoo and Grid 10 tablets has seemingly called it a day, closing its website, with its PR company quitting.

Bad news if you were one of the few holding out for a Grid10 tablet -- the company behind it, Fusion Garage, seems to have called it a day, The Verge reports. Head to the company's website and you'll be faced with a message reading 'Error establishing a database connection.'

Not only that, the US arm of its PR company has said Fusion Garage has been uncommunicative for weeks now, and it'll stop representing it as of today. The Grid10 was supposed to launch on 15 September in the US, then pushed back to 1 October, and now it seems it won't ever see the light of day. All of which makes the company's boast of giving a free Grid10 to everyone who bought a JooJoo all the more hollow.

"Unfortunately, none of our efforts have resulted in any communication from the company to the customers," reads the statement from Fusion Garage's PR company McGrath Power. "Given all of this, we don't have any choice but to cease working with Fusion Garage effective tomorrow."

The JooJoo was the company's first tablet, a 12.1-inch competitor to the original iPad that looked promising, but was a little disappointing in reality. Fusion Garage teased the Grid10 before officially announcing it over the summer: it was a 10.1-incher with a higher resolution than the iPad 2 and the company's own GridOS operating system.

Rather than putting its own gloss on Android, Fusion Garage built GridOS from an Android kernel. Certainly ambitious, though maybe not as user-friendly as iOS or basic Android that everyone knows.

The company also announced the Grid4 smart phone, running the same OS, and a Wheel-based menu that you spin to reach your desired function. Though it's all a bit academic now.

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