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Furnishings from Versailles' lesser-known 'Salon du Emo'

The Amadeus Sound System chair is an Old World parlor chair that has stereo surround.

If Louis XIV had a MySpace page, a Web cam and iPod he would totally cry his eyes out in this chair.

Amadeus Sound System
Born Rich

I can hear him now: "Even though I totally distracted all the nobles by making them hang out at Versailles--finally--and have become the standard for any wannabe absolute monarch, I still feel like my people just don't get who I am. You know? I mean, I wish someone would just notice me as a regular guy with big hair who wears high heels, and not as, like, the quote-unquote Sun King."

Even if you're not an all-powerful French king, this would still rock any dorm room/bedroom/basement. Born Rich found this multimedia chair with built-in subwoofers that will hook up with any TV set, MP3 or CD player. It's upholstered in cashmere, wool and leather and has a speaker near each ear.

No word on the price, but it's almost a given the chair will cost you a pretty franc.