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Hydraulic press crushes a Furby into your nightmares

The classic electronic Furby toy tangles with a hydraulic press to create a new vision of horror.

The Furby electronic robo-toy first debuted in 1998 as part-rodent, part-bird and all weird. It sparked a buying frenzy, but the strange creature also managed to creep some people out with its weird "Furbish" babbling language and moving mouth and ears. Popular YouTube star the Hydraulic Press Channel put its stamp on the Furby frenzy with a crushing new video released on Friday.

Be forewarned: If you genuinely love Furbies, this video is a bit disturbing. It's no surprise the plastic and fake-fur toy can't handle the pressure of the press. The slo-mo version of the crush is even more frightening and you may find the imagery lingering around the edges of your nightmares.

The video also includes a bonus crushing of a block of Lego bricks, which ends up being a fascinating exercise in destruction. It's a good chaser after witnessing the creation of the Furby pancake.

If you got a perverse thrill out of watching the smooshed Furby, be sure to check out this deep-fried Furby Connect.