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Fur or fins: Snapfish expands with Rabbit Photo

You can now pick up prints ordered online through 70 Rabbit Photo outlets Australia-wide.

Snapfish partners with Rabbit Photo

When talked with HP about the Australian launch of its Snapfish online photo service in December, we were told of a partnership with Rabbit Photo where users could elect to pick up their prints at the Rabbit Photo outlet of their choice instead of waiting for their prints to be delivered by post.

Initially only available through a few stores, the Snapfish and Rabbit partnership has expanded so that you may now collect photos you upload at any of the 70 Rabbit Photo stores in Australia.

At launch it was anticipated that the in-store pick-up price would be AU$0.29 per photo, but HP yesterday confirmed that the per print price through Rabbit Photo would in fact be AU$0.39 -- 20 cents higher than if you opt for the mail delivery option. It is a steep premium for those who simply can't wait the 2-3 days for the prints to arrive by mail, but of course you will save the expense of postage.

Rabbit has also launched its own co-branded Web site for the online ordering service at, but it is identical to Snapfish with a different logo. It offers the same storage, editing and photo sharing options.