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Fund this: MirrorCase for iPad gives you a rear-facing camera

It's all done with mirrors. This combination case, stand, and smart cover should appeal to students and business users looking to record video while taking notes.

The MirrorCase for iPad gives you greater flexibility in capturing video.
The MirrorCase for iPad gives you greater flexibility in capturing video. RHP Multimedia

You can take notes on meetings or lectures on an iPad, or you can record videos of meetings or lectures -- but you can't have it both ways.

Kickstarter project MirrorCase aims to solve that dilemma. It's an iPad case that uses mirrors to point the camera lens forward, while at the same time raising the tablet to a comfortable typing angle.

For students and business users alike, that's potentially a big deal. It means you can sit in a conference room or lecture hall, typing or sketching on your iPad while at the same time recording video of the presentation.

At first blush, the MirrorCase resembles a fairly conventional iPad case, with full wraparound protection and a smart lid that flips around to help prop up your iPad at six different angles. There's also an audio scoop near the speaker to help direct sound toward you.

The big difference, of course, is the inclusion of an adjustable mirror, which points forward from the top of the case and can tilt as needed to properly capture the action in front of you.

Because any such mirrored image would show up reversed and upside down, developer RHP Multimedia is also creating a special app for use with the MirrorCase. It will not only correct the video, but also give you a place to take notes -- which can then be exported to PDF or Dropbox. The app lets you modify video resolution as well, handy if you don't necessarily need high-res recordings.

The MirrorCase is expected to sell for $79.95, with an estimated delivery of August. Early backers can score one for $49 or $55. At the moment, RHP has raised about $1,700 of its $5,000 goal.

The company already offers a MirrorCase for iPhone 4/4S, with an iPhone 5 version in the works. It's more of a special-use case than an everyday one, but it might be a worthwhile option for students or business users who already have a good iPad case but still want to record video while taking notes.

What are your thoughts on the MirrorCase for iPad? Does it seem like something you could use?