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Fund this: MiKey aims to be the ultimate keychain multitool

This Indiegogo project combines old-school tools with modern-day tech.

Showoff! The MiKey packs digital and analog tools into a keychain-friendly companion. MiKey

The Swiss Army Knife earned fame by packing a wealth of handy tools into a pocket-size companion. The MiKey probably won't get that famous, but it accomplishes the same goal -- with some decidedly techie twists.

Currently seeking just $4,000 in funding on Indiegogo (and more than halfway to that goal), the MiKey is a multitool gone modern.

The top half, which resembles a traditional car key fob, brings digital goodness in the form of a flash drive (16GB or 32GB), Bluetooth locator, USB 3.0 sync/charge cable, and 570mAh backup battery (impressive given the size of the fob).

I especially like the stowaway device connector, which features both Lightning and Micro-USB plugs. (Many times you get one or the other.)

A built-in battery provides emergency power via Lightning and Micro-USB connectors. MiKey

The bottom half, which I can't help but think of as a Franken-key, delivers the more traditional multitool set: screwdrivers, spanners, bottle opener, box cutter/letter opener, staple remover, wire stripper, tiny saw, and so on.

The 16GB version of the MiKey is expected to sell for $70, while the 32GB model will go for $80. Early backers can get in for $45 and $55, respectively, though there are fairly limited quantities available at those price points.

Delivery is slated for October, though it's not uncommon for crowd-funded products like these to miss their promised ship dates. (I mention that as a reminder that you're not placing an order for a finished product, but rather something that's still in development.)

There are tons of handy gizmos you can clip to your keychain, many of which started out the same way: game controller, smartphone stand, iPhone tripod, sync cable, and even the similar GoKey (which offers several of the MiKey's digital tools but none of its analog ones). This one is among the most versatile I've seen yet, and as such I'm mighty tempted to become a backer. Your thoughts?