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Fund this: A Bluetooth adapter for your favorite wired mouse or keyboard

Before you spend money on a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, why not recycle your existing gear with this handy adapter?


If much of your computing life revolves around a desktop, you're probably accustomed to -- and comfortable with -- your full-size mouse and keyboard.

So what happens when you make the move to a tablet, Chromebook, ultrabook, or other device that has few, if any, ports for those beloved wired peripherals?

Sure, you can buy Bluetooth-capable replacements, but is that really necessary? Must you consign your favorite mouse and keyboard to the scrap heap?

Not if you fund Indiegogo project Nulaxy, a why-didn't-I-think-of-that Bluetooth adapter for wired mice and keyboards.

This little battery-powered gizmo features two USB ports, one on either side, for use with your existing gear. For Android users in particular, that's a great way to leverage both mouse and keyboard, without having to occupy your tablet's micro-USB port (and without having to find an adapter, which would limit you to one peripheral or the other).

As for iPads, you're limited to just a keyboard, as iOS doesn't support mouse input.

Still, for anyone who's loath to give up their favorite peripheral, this is a great solution. And I know many people who really love their old mechanical, full-travel desktop keyboards.

Nulaxy's developer is seeking $25,000, and has raised about $3,000 with nearly a month left in the campaign. Early backers can grab a Nulaxy for $28 shipped in the US, or $36 shipped elsewhere, which converts to about £25 or AU$45.

Thankfully, you won't have to wait too long to get yours; estimated delivery is next month. What do you think?