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Fun with trademark records: O'Reilly went after

Fun with trademark records: O'Reilly went after

An enterprising Slashdot poster won't let the O'Reilly Web 2.0 trademark flap rest--and has, in fact, done some research that indicates the media company sought to trademark several generic Web-related terms, including Website and Netizens. The trademark attempts were apparently abandoned, but it's unclear--O'Reilly is named as a plaintiff in a trademark-infringement case against someone using the mark Web Cite, but it looks like the case didn't go forward. None of this news should depict as unreasonable O'Reilly's current attempt to trademark Maker Faire, although I would be interested to see the O'Reilly crowd square off against the Ren Faire folks. It'll be a fyne faire smackdown! W00t!