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Fully Loaded Burger Stuffer handles the hard work

If you've ever dreamed of creating a turducken burger, then the Fully Loaded Burger Stuffer is the kitchen gadget for you. Pack it with ingredients and fold it to reached stuffed burger nirvana.

Fully Loaded Burger Stuffer
Your burgers will never be the same again. Headchefs

You need more kitchen gadgets. You can never have enough zesters, colanders, and cake molds. You might as well expand your horizons to include a gadget that gets in on the popular burger stuffing trend, the new Fully Loaded Burger Stuffer from Headchefs.

In case you've been skipping "Man v. Food" and don't subscribe to the Food Network, you may have overlooked the burger stuffing mania that has been sweeping the nation. As you would expect, it involves cramming items that would normally go on top into the innards of the burger patty.

This is easier said than done. Hand-forming a patty around contents like blue cheese, roasted red peppers, or chile (that's New Mexico chile with an "e"), can be challenging and counter to the laws of physics.

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That's where the $19.99 Fully Loaded Burger Stuffer comes in handy to save your grill out party. Just as the Rice Cube sushi maker stepped up for home sushi chefs, the Burger Stuffer lets you lay out your ingredients into the molds and then fold your way to an impeccable stuffed burger.

You might as well get creative with this. How about stuffing a chicken burger inside a duck burger inside a turkey burger? Voila! Turducken burger.

Burger stuffing fever may come and go, but you will always have your Fully Loaded Burger Stuffer sucking up space in your kitchen gadget drawer. You will also have some darn fine burgers to assuage your guilt at buying yet another cooking tool.