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Fully Equipped: Is Irex's new digital reader a preview of the next Amazon Kindle?

David Carnoy discusses Irex's new line of digital readers that feature next-generation technology.

The Irex 1000 line: Kindle of the future? Irex

Gizmodo posted a blog Monday on Irex's new line of "digital readers" and took a few whacks at the company for over-promising and under-delivering.

You see, Irex, which developed the full-featured but pricey Iliad reader, recently ran a little online teaser ad that alerted the world that, "A new era in digital reading" was set to begin on September 22. Well, the blogger at Gizmodo wasn't impressed with what Irex is now offering up: a series of three 10.2-inch monochrome e-ink displays that start at $649 for a base "read-only" model (the Irex 1000) and go up to a high-end 1000W that has a touch screen along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. That model, when it's released later this year or in early 2009, will set you back a whopping $849.

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