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Full iPhone OS 2.0 feature-change list

Full iPhone OS 2.0 feature-change list

The following includes all of Apple's listed changes for iPhone OS 2.0:

    • Third-party application support
    • New App Store
      • Push email
      • Push contacts with Global Address List lookup
      • Push calendars with meeting invites
      • Passcode Policies
      • Remote Wipe
      • Autodiscovery (Exchange Server 2007)
    • Cisco IPSec VPN support
    • WPA/WPA2 Enterprise with 802.1x authentication
    • Certificates and identities support
    • Device configuration with Configuration Profiles
    • MobileMe support
      • Push email
      • Push contacts
      • Push calendars
      • Bookmarks
    • Mail, Contacts and Calendars enhancements
      • Mass delete and move of messages
      • Microsoft PowerPoint and iWork attachment viewing
      • Blind carbon copy (bcc) support
      • Easier POP/IMAP account setup
      • Multiple calendars
      • Display meeting invitees
      • Contacts search
      • Import SIM contacts
      • New Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings
    • Save images to photo library from Safari and Mail
    • Scientific calculator in landscape mode
    • Parental controls/restrictions
    • New languages, dictionaries, keyboards and input methods
    • Turn Wi-Fi back on while in Airplane Mode
    • Tapping the status bar scrolls to top of page
    • Sync Google contacts with iTunes
    • Bug fixes