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'Full HD' is the new black (and white) with BenQ

BenQ shows off a black and white monitor. Well not just one, but two. One black and one white. Well, just click the link, please!

The M2400HD watches you..watching mountains... Sarah Tew/CBS Interactive

At a separate hotel showing away from the main CES show floor, BenQ showed off its new monitor lineup. The buzzword this year seems to be "Full HD" for many vendors and BenQ is not an exception. Full HD simply refers to monitors that have a native resolution of 1,920x1,080.

BenQ showed off two Full HD 24-inch monitors, the E2400HD and the M2400HD, both of which are engineered with a 16:9 aspect ratio. With Full HD under their feature list, these monitors are being pushed not only as desktop displays, but as HDTVs as well. BenQ wants to see them used for movie watching just as much as spreadsheet number crunching.

The M2400HD has a unique glossy white finish and features a 2-megapixel Webcam mounted on the top of the bezel, integrated speakers, and a microphone. Connection options include HDMI (1.3) and DVI-D. BenQ also throws in a headphone jack, VGA connection and claims a 2ms GTG pixel response time.

The monitor includes BenQ's Senseye+Photo technology, which is purported to automatically adjusts the onscreen image, optimizing the colors and brightness automatically. Similarly, the company has also included a dynamic contrast feature that automatically adjusts the brightness of the backlight depending on the image on the screen.

The E2400HD is basically a black version of the M with a less robust feature set including the absence of the camera.

You can check out pics of the E in this slide show. Both displays should be available in first quarter 2009. Pricing is as of yet unconfirmed.