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Full-body mega-muscle suit turns you into an instant superhero

Workouts are for people who don't own a Flex Design muscle suit. A physique like Thor's is just a skin-tight costume away.

Mega muscle suit in green
Step aside, Chris Hemsworth. Flex Design

Being a superhero is hard work. We can't all be born on Krypton and automatically become physical gods on Earth. The planet blew up, after all. Regular guys like Batman have to constantly hit the gym, eat right and sweat until their tushies turn to rock-hard muscle. Fortunately for us slackers, there's a shortcut to a chiselled physique in the form of the Flex Design muscle suit.

Red Ninja prototype
An idea of the what the Red Ninja costume might look like. Flex Design

The muscle suits are full-body suits you squeeze your out-of-shape body into. The suits come with your choice of muscles, ranging from lean to mega muscle. Let's just skip over all those lesser muscle options and focus in on the mega suit. It gives you the look of a workout warrior. It's on the Incredible Hulk end of the spectrum, rather than the slender Spider-Man side of things.

And why settle for a normal human skin tone when the suits come in a variety of flashy colors, ranging from turquoise to neon pink? Go ahead and create your own superhero. Become the Magentavenger. You can even select whether you want the suit air-brushed (recommended) and whether it should come with veins (also recommended).

Flex Design strives to make its costumes as anatomically correct as possible, so the suits may well fool a casual observer. The suits even made a covert appearance in "Fast & Furious 6." The suits are made with flexible lycra to hold tight to your body. A zipper up the back secures everything in place.

The mega suit costs $3,499 (about £2,290, AU$4,425 ), which is pretty cheap compared with the huge outlay a millionaire playboy like Bruce Wayne has to cover to handle all his superhero duties.

Flex Design plans to offer a special line of suits with accessories that can be quickly customized into the looks of popular superheroes. First up is "Red Ninja," a Deadpool-style outfit complete with the character's arsenal, and presumably, tiny leg pouches. That means you can spend more time looking fantastic at cosplay conventions rather than busting your butt in a gym.

Flex mega muscle suit
This color is a little unnatural. Flex Design

(Via Laughing Squid)