Fujitsu's missing-link laptop

Is it a computer or a PDA?


Where does a laptop end and a handheld computer--or even a really, really smart phone--begin? We have no idea, and we're not sure it really matters. But for those who care, Fujitsu is doing its best to blur the lines.

The "U series" addition to its "LifeBook" line of laptops features ultra-portable machines that are barely an inch thick and weigh less than 1.3 pounds. But you wouldn't necessarily know it by the specs: an 800MHz Intel chip, 20GB hard drive, 512 of memory and a built-in fingerprint reader. All of which beats a 2005 PC we bought by a country mile. The only real giveaway is the size of the U's screen, which measures 5.6 inches.

It's this diminutive size, however, that also allows it to be converted easily into a tablet. Similar to a lot of smart phones now on the market, its screen can swivel around and do a gymnastics-style backflip. The price, however, puts it distinctly in the computer camp, starting at $1,250 on the Japanese market. And one more thing that's similar to laptops is its claim to an 8-hour battery life; we'll be dubious of specs like that no matter what category it falls into.

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