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Fujitsu's laptops of CES 2011 include one with its own 3D camera, plus tablets

Always quirky, the Fujitsu lineup for CES 2011 spanned a wide range of concepts, from practical to decidedly less so.

LAS VEGAS--Fujitsu is decidedly one of the odder ducks among laptop manufacturers, and their CES 2011 lineup of laptops unveiled last evening runs an interesting range of ideas, some better than others. To be honest, however, we're not sure we'd buy any of them. Still, here's the rundown for the curious.

Lifebook AH572: Of all Fujitsu laptops, this led the pack in oddness--a 3D laptop with polarized glasses instead of the far better-functioning active-shutter solution, the AH572 also comes with its own 3D Webcam capable of recording 3D video. The demo produced was far from compelling, however--yes, it recorded 3D Webcam footage of us, but the glasses couldn't produce any convincing 3D realism. The 15.6-inch laptop does come with a second-gen Intel Core i5-2410 processor and Intel Wireless Display, but at a starting price of $999, it's hardly a bargain.

Lifebook P771: a 12.1-inch business-targeted ultraportable with a second-gen Intel Core i7 CPU and a steep starting price of $1,529.

Lifebook T901 convertible tablet PC: a pen-based convertible with second-gen Intel processors, Nvidia Optimus graphics and a second drive bay, with a high starting price of $1,899.

Click through the gallery for other models, as well as a few shots of a concept Windows 7 slate that Fujitsu claims will be waterproof. No, we're not joking.