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Fujitsu Siemens adds Centrino 2: T5010, A6210 and more

Jumping on board the Centrino 2 train, Fujitsu Siemens has released details of six new LifeBook laptops: the T5010, T1010, A6210, E8420, S6520 and S7220

To coincide with Monday night's launch of Centrino 2, Fujitsu Siemens announced six new laptops, all of which incorporate the new platform. Highlights from the announcement include two convertible tablets with 13.3-inch displays -- a first -- and a media-oriented midsize system with a handful of unique features.

First up, the tablets: the LifeBook T5010 and LifeBook T1010 are the first convertible tablets to incorporate a 13.3-inch backlit-LED display. Aimed at business users with its black lid and conservative design, the LifeBook T5010 is more than just demure looks. It includes corporate-friendly features such as a Trusted Platform Module, modular drive bay, optional WiMax, optional indoor/outdoor display and support for Intel's vPro technology. The LifeBook T5010 will be available in the US in 30 days with prices starting at $1,769 (£880).

The LifeBook T1010 is nearly identical to the T5010, but it's designed for students, consumers and small business users who don't need corporate-level security and management features. The T1010 features a touchscreen display and fixed webcam. It sports a glossy, patterned silver lid and a lower starting price of $1,299 (£646) and it's available for order immediately in the US.

Also putting a sparkle in our eye was news of the 15.4-inch LifeBook A6210. The new midsize system includes a number of unique features, such as wireless USB, an eSATA port and a new gesture-enabled touch pad. There's also a choice of integrated or discrete graphics, 802.11n wireless and an HDMI port to complement the optional Blu-ray drive. We're curious to see the laptop's new high-gloss lid, which reportedly departs from Fujitsu's usual ho-hum look. In the US, the LifeBook A6210 is available for order immediately at a starting price of $1,149 (£571).

The remaining laptops to get the Centrino 2 treatment include the 15.4-inch LifeBook E8420, starting at $1,359 (£676); the 14.1-inch LifeBook S6520, starting at $1,529 (£760); and the 14-inch LifeBook S7220, available for $1,229 (£611). Watch this space for details of official UK release dates and prices. -Michelle Thatcher