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Fujitsu 4G femtocell carries global sales ambition

With the LGE-capable femtocell, debuting at CES next week, the Japanese company hopes to expand its networking business to other countries.

Fujitsu's LTE-capable femtocell plugs into a broadband connection and can connect up to eight 4G mobile devices.
Fujitsu's LTE-capable femtocell plugs into a broadband connection and can connect up to eight 4G mobile devices.Photo by Fujitsu

Fujitsu announced the BroadOne LTE femtocell today, a networking gadget that when connected to broadband can support up to eight 4G devices.

Femtocells are small network devices that augment larger-scale mobile phone base stations, something that's very handy in areas with poor network coverage. The BroadOne LTE also supports Wi-Fi networking like a conventional wireless router.

Fujitsu isn't selling the device directly to consumers, but will offer it to carriers who may choose to do so. The device will be available in the second quarter.

"When installing the LTE Femtocell, there is no need for mobile carriers to adjust the settings in their outdoor macrocell base stations because the LTE Femtocell itself includes technology that reduces interference," Fujitsu said in a statement. "In addition, as BroadOne LTE Femtocell allows for seamless switching between LTE and Wi-Fi, it helps deliver an improved user experience and contributes to reducing installation and operational costs of mobile communications providers."

Fujitsu is showing the femtocell at the CES next week in Las Vegas and in February at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona.

The company hasn't had much success over the years trying to expand its personal computer and server lines outside its home country of Japan, but hopes to fare better with the femtocell. "With the LTE Femtocell as one of its wireless broadband solutions, Fujitsu is working to develop its business in global markets," the company said.

Fujitsu hopes to sell 1 million of the femtocells by the end of its 2015 fiscal year.

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