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Fujifilm's ultimate compact megazoom?

The company revamps its first EXR-sensor-based camera, turning it into an ultrawide-angle compact megazoom.


The FinePix F200EXR was Fujifilm's first camera to feature its Super EXR CCD sensor. Now a little more than a year old, the company is rolling out the follow-up--the F300EXR. It's a significant refresh, too, taking the camera's zoom from 5x to 15x and widening its lens from 28mm to 24mm (35mm equivalent), but keeping the body the same 0.9-inch thickness.

The F300EXR shares the same sensor and shooting features as the Z800EXR, also announced Wednesday. This includes a high-speed hybrid autofocus system using both Contrast AF and Phase Detection AF. The camera is able to measure the amount of light or contrast in the scene and pick the AF system that will focus the fastest. Also added is improved image stabilization so there's less need to use higher ISOs when using the 15x zoom lens or in low-light conditions. And it can now take panorama shots at 180, 240, or 360 degrees with a sweep of the camera. The F300EXR has a 3-inch 460K-pixel LCD, but it's not a touch screen like the Z800EXR's.

The FinePix F300EXR will be available in late August 2010 at a retail price of $329.95