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Fujifilm's FinePix Real 3D System: Kabwooommmph!

The Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D System will wreck your head: it's a system for capturing, displaying and printing 3D images without the aid of glasses

In the news from photography trade show Photokina, we've seen some stuff that's made us go "ooohhh", some stuff that's made us go "aaahhh", and some stuff that's made us go "...what?" But now we've seen something that's made our heads go "kabwooommmph!" It's Fujifilm's FinePix Real 3D System.

The system involves a stereo camera setup, which means the camera has two lenses and two sensors, each taking separate pictures from slightly different angles, and combining them to create a 3D image. Crucially, the Fuji system doesn't require any accessories; namely, no coloured glasses like 3D in Back to the Future. Fujifilm has developed a 3D viewing panel, which will be in the camera's screen and a digital photo frame. And it can even print in 3D.

Take a second to think about that: 3D without glasses. Kabwooommmph! See, there goes your head too.

The 71mm (2.8-inch), 230,000-pixel LCD screen on the camera and 213mm (8.4-inch), 920,000-pixel, FinePix Real 3D Photo Frame will show both 2 and 3D images. They utilise a light direction-control module at the back of the LCD, which controls light to either eye, creating a 3D effect. Early word from the show floor suggests that video has more depth than stills, but the effects on the lenticular paper print-outs aren't so impressive.

There are other possible applications for a camera with two sensors and this kind of processing power. Imagine if you could zoom with one lens and take a wide shot with the other, or shoot video with one and stills with the other at the same time. We're interested in the possibility of setting two different exposures and combining the images for boosted dynamic range. Kabwooommmph! Aw man, not again. -Rich Trenholm