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Fujifilm's camera for style, budget conscious

The FinePix Z70 doesn't do much more than take pictures, but at least it looks nice doing it.


The most interesting thing about the Fujifilm FinePix Z70 is its design. Yes, it's slim and looks nice, but it uses an internal periscopic lens to achieve its 5x optical zoom. Generally, ultracompacts with internal lenses use folded optics, which don't always take the best photos. We don't know if this design will result in better photos, but it's at least interesting as to how it achieved that 5x zoom in such a small space. Regardless, Fujifilm jammed it into a 0.7-inch thick body and a slide-down lens cover turns the whole thing on.

Like all of the Fujifilm cameras announced Tuesday, the Z70 captures HD video at 720p and includes a one-touch upload button for tagging photos for Facebook or YouTube upload once the camera is connected to a computer--this apparently requires installing the included MyFinePix Studio software.

The camera's other features include a 2.7-inch LCD, LED illuminated keys, a tracking autofocus for moving subjects, face detection, and digital image stabilization--here's hoping its high ISO shots aren't complete garbage.

The FinePix Z70 will be available in a choice of black, silver-blue, and red in February 2010 for $149.95.