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Fujifilm X10 camera proves a real keeper in our video review

Looking for more than a casual fling? The gorgeous, leather-clad Fujifilm X10 is the kind of camera you'll want to keep for years.

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With technology evolving at lightspeed, it's hard to imagine buying a gadget you would treat as a long-term companion. That said, we believe the Fujifilm X10 is a keeper -- the kind of camera you'll get to know slowly, take home to meet the parents and will want on your arm, or in your camera bag, for a long time to come.

Good-looking and serious, the X10 is coated in black leather which gives it a luxurious feel and a classic, timeless appearance -- you certainly wouldn't be ashamed to be seen out and about with it. The body has been crafted from smooth and sturdy magnesium alloy and is dotted with buttons and switches, which make a refreshing change to the dip-in menu systems seen on most digital compact cameras.

In terms of specs, the X10 measures up well, with a 4x optical zoom and the ability to shoot 1080p video. There's an optical viewfinder that zooms in sync with the 28-112mm (35mm equivalent) lens as well as a 2.8-inch rear LCD.

There's no power button on the X10, instead you just remove and replace the velvet-lined lens cap to switch it on and off. While the auto settings are a pleasure to use, it's worth weaning yourself off them in order to get familiar with the more advanced controls. Using the camera feels incredibly natural -- a result of the the elegant build and thoughtful design.

Although the X10 may look and feel like a smooth operator, what really matters when you're buying a camera, particularly for professional use, is whether it delivers quality pictures. In the case of this snapper, we're pleased to say that the images it produces are as much works of art as the camera itself -- colours were realistic and detail highly rendered.

It might be a tad on the pricey side, but if you choose this camera, it's likely the two of you will be in it for the long haul, so we reckon it's worth the investment.

Are you hoping to become fond friends with the X10? Hit play on the video above to take a closer look and let us know what you think in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.