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Fujifilm W3: Take and view 3D photos, no specs required

The Fujifilm W3 lets users take 3D snaps thanks to its two 10 megapixel sensors on the front, and then view those images in 3D on the back without using glasses, thanks to a 3.5-inch lenticular screen

3D with glasses? Pfff -- we're so over that. These days it's all about the lenticular. The latest company to be taking advantage of this no-glasses 3D magic is Fujifilm, which today announced the W3 -- a compact 3D camera that lets you snap photos in 3D, then view them in all their tri-dimensional glory on the back.

Business up front is handled by two Fujinon 3x optical zoom lenses, and two 10-megapixel CCD sensors. Party round the back happens thanks to a 3.5-inch lenticular screen, which uses the same tech as the upcoming Nintendo 3DS to deliver a 3D effect without the need for stereoscopic specs.

Essentially the display has an extra layer, called a parallax barrier, which is covered in tiny slits to fire out two different images. Line these images up with your peepers, and you'll achieve a stereoscopic image. Mental.


Fujifilm is saying that the W3 will be equipped with adjustors to ramp up or dim down the 3D effect depending on what's comfortable for you. 3D 720p video is also on the cards.

Fuji is also making use of the twin lenses in boring old 2D photography -- with two separate snappers on board, users can take both a close-up image and a wide-angle shot of the same scene, for example, or shoot with two alternative colour balances.

Sounds pretty cool. We're working on nabbing a W3 for review, but in the meantime, check out this promo video.