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FujiFilm touts new digital camera

The company's newest digital camera is one of the smallest and highest-resolution units available to date.

FujiFilm announced its newest digital camera this week, one of the smallest and highest-resolution cameras available to date.

FujiFilm announced the MX-2700, its newest digital camera and the first digital camera ever to offer over two million pixels of resolution per image. Several other vendors, including Sony, are expected to announce two megapixel cameras this spring.

Only last year, megapixel cameras, or those offering one million pixels per image, were hard to find and prohibitively expensive. But as the technology has become more popular and in demand, prices have dropped on even the fanciest consumer digital cameras. The 2.3 megapixel MX-2700 is expected to be priced around $900.

"It's a big step towards meeting consumers expectations of what a photograph should be," said Carl Holec, a digital camera analyst at ARS. "Once you get above 1.3 megapixel you're going get pretty close to a traditional photograph."

The new FujiFilm camera offers other bells and whistles, including a color LCD to view up to nine images at a time. The camera can also zoom 2.5 times into the LCD viewer, so a user can hone in on specific areas of the picture.

The camera, which supports USB connections, records the images on a SmartMedia card which can be upgraded to the 32MB version, storing up to 142 shots. The MX-2700 uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery, good for up to 250 shots when the display is turned off, and 80 shots when it is on.

"I think it's a good thing to be first to the market even though it will be a little while before it comes out," Holec said, noting that FujiFilm will not ship the camera until later this spring.